Trump-Reagan Comparisons Continue, Here Is A Real One!

Trump is no Reagan!

I Remember the Reagan Carter contest, and I know that some polls were showing Carter with a lead, but I also know that Trump is no Reagan, and Trumps followers are not the same as Reagan’s followers!

Reagan had a truly massive (not Trump massive) following made up of of regular, you would call “establishment” Republican followers and a very large number of Libertarian leaning Republicans, both groups now oppose Donald Trump! He also had a following of real blue collar workers who saw economic recovery as a path to building their own businesses, educating their children for the coming technology age, and maintaining our countries greatness. Things have changed!

The Trump followers are mostly blue collar workers who have been hurt by the lousy financial situation, and who are hoping for some relief in the form of jobs, and who understandably want to blame someone and, or, something. Trump tells them what they want to hear! He can not, and will not deliver on those promises! In fact, he has proposed programs that will assure that we go even deeper in debt than we are today and that prices will rise and Carter like inflation will ensue!

His will for massive military budget increases, his multi billion dollar wall, which Mexico will not pay for, and which we will thereafter have to maintain to the tune of billions more if it is ever built! His educational spending and healthcare spending proposals, if you can call them that, in spite of their unconstitutionality, will drive us to record deficit spending and leave us less protected! What is worse, is our grandkids and great grandkids will have to pay for it!

Reagan fought hard to assure that that would not be the case! Reagan was a true fiscal conservative and Constitutional conservative who although he never was able to get a balanced budget, did set everything in motion so that his exact opposite signed one several years later!

Reagan entered the presidential race against Carter with a full blown sense of purpose, full blown plans for accomplishing his purposes, and a full blown understanding of the Constitution! He could answer a question without hesitation because his principles enabled him to do so. He could answer the same questions put in different ways with the same ease and precision each time because he was led by those principles!

This is not the case with Donald Trump. He shifts and second guesses, and wiggles and squirms and tries to crawfish his way out of what he just said because he realizes it was wrong and ends up in a worse situation than before. Even with that, his followers still cling to his every mistake and flip flop as though they had always believed the exact opposite of what they believed just a few moments before. It is a most amazing and sometimes entertaining but always frustrating feat of mental gymnastics!

This is partially because of a second group of Trump supporters, unlike the first who know something is wrong with the country and want desperately to find something to hang on to to get to higher ground. This group is a group of people I can only compare to those who believe that professional wrestling is real, or that “The Apprentice” was real, or that the Kardashians represent real life! These are those who claim that if their candidate does not win that they will cause earthquakes and tidal waves and march on Washington by the millions!

I will not call them low information voters, but I will say that they have turned of the ability to believe anything but Trump. Trump has become the principle they live by, and they would no sooner doubt him than they would doubt God! In fact, they hold to belief in Trump with what could best be described as religious fervor, and will accept his frequent changes in mental direction as though it were a new gospel!

When the election is done, when Trump has either been ousted at the convention, or gains the nomination and is destroyed by the democrats, that is when they will rise and say they have been cheated, that if it were not for the Republican establishment elites, we would be living in the land of milk and honey with Trump leading us on to victory over all our enemies. Yes, that is when the true danger begins!

What we must have, is a clear, but new frontrunner now! I am not talking about a replacement by the powers that be, but a movement to get behind one of the other two candidates and move quickly to mobilize our resources to get that 1273 before the convention! Anything else will leave us with a democratic victory in November.

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