Trump And 40-B Why it is Presumptuous To Proclaim Yourself The Presumptive Nominee!

must have a majority in 8 states!

Donald Trump has proclaimed himself to be the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican presidential candidacy! Many Republican leaders of all stripes have all but pissed themselves from having to stand in such a long line behind other Republican urinators while trying to get an opportunity to kiss the Royal Trump Rump!

But, wait a minute…

What about rule 40-b? It says something about not being a primary winner without winning a majority in 8 states right? Why yes it does!

Let’s see, of the candidates left in the race, who now has won a majority in eight states? Oh, snap, not a single one! Not even the only one left!

Trump has not gotten a majority in 8 states. Trump has yet to gain a majority in one!

So, barring some miracle which leaves trump with 1237 delegates AND a majority in 8 of the remaining states, Trump will not be the default Republican presidential candidate!

Let me make this simple: When competing with only himself in the primary, Trump can not win!

Now folks, that is just sad! Republicans have a presumptive nominee who can not even win against no one!

Hey Donald, remember all that bull about Republicans changing the convention rules to support the establishment? Guess what…you better start embracing that really quick, or you will not be the nominee!

To have a Trump win on the first ballot, the rules will have to be changed!

Remember all those people you spoke so badly of in the earlier portion of the primary? They are the rule makers! They are the ones who can leave rule 40-b as it is, and the election will automatically go to the delegates free choice, or they can change the rules to include you in the process.

This would require saying that anyone with a delegate would be automatically considered a nominee in the first round, and you would have to compete with all the past delegates who have a delegate or more!

This will bring back a large number of candidates who have “suspended” their races for the presidency all to be voted on in the confines of the convention by free delegates!

With or without the rule change, the “presumptive nominee” is not to be presumed to be the party’s nomination!

1 thought on “Trump And 40-B Why it is Presumptuous To Proclaim Yourself The Presumptive Nominee!”

  1. unfortunately this article is inaccurate. 🙁 Rule 40-b states that a candidate must have the majority of delegates in 8 states, not the majority of votes. Quote: “Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these rules or any rule of the House of Representatives, to demonstrate the support required of this paragraph a certificate evidencing the affirmative written support of the required number of permanently seated delegates from each of the eight (8) or more states shall have been submitted to the secretary of the convention not later than one (1) hour prior to the placing of the names of candidates for nomination pursuant to this rule and the established order of business.[2]”

    And Donald Trump has met that requirement while no other candidate has as of yet. I despise Trump but we have to be intellectually honest.

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