Presumptive Nominee Switches Positions Daily: Time For A Rule Change!

Presumptive Nominee Switches Positions Daily Time For A Rule Change!

Given the recent changes in the Republican “presumptive nominee’s” position on key issues, and the masses of Republican voters fleeing the party rather than hold their noses and vote for said nominee, perhaps it is time that the party leadership steps up and demands a rule change!

I know that is not popular, I know it is inflammatory, I know that no one on either side of this nominating convention wants it, but it is needed. The medicine may be hard to swallow, but the disease is bad enough to demand action.

A Trump nomination is based on the illusion that Trump is actually a Republican and not a poser. Given the fact that he has more positions on Republican base issues than the Kama Sutra, he would seem to be disqualified.

The folks who voted for Trump during the earlier Republican primaries were voting for him based on his positions on particular issues. Issues such as immigration, abortion, taxes, and campaign finance. Since that time Trump has switched positions on these and many other base issues to the point that his position no longer resembles the position at the time they voted, and he no longer resembles a Republican!

This is a case of bait and switch which would be best addressed by a rule change allowing for the return to the nominating process by anyone who has received a delegate for the first round of voting, giving the delegates a chance to overcome the inconsistencies in the candidates position.

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