It’s Trumplicated: Why Trump Followers Keep Following Even When He Switches Lanes!

It’s Trumplicated:

Why Trump Followers Keep Following Even When He Switches Lanes!

I think I may have just pulled a Trump on you with that headline!

The truth is that I am not sure we can say with certainty why a group of people would continue to follow someone who wants to make America great again by doing a very particular list of things, and then every day changes position on almost all of them!

Imagine if your favorite pro football coach did that:

“We want to make our team great again, and we are going to do that by making lot’s of touchdowns, these are going to be yuuuuge touchdowns, touchdowns like no one has ever seen before!”

That sounds great coach, how are we going to make all these touchdowns?

“Well, we are going to head toward our goal with the football by having the quarterback hand the ball to one of our halfbacks, who will run to the goal with it! We will also be passing it to our best guys (hired some of the world’s best soccer players as receivers), they will run over the goal line. That’s my detailed plan!”

Hey coach that is great, do you have any actual strategies, procedures, plays?

“Why would I want to reveal that to anyone? The other team will just steal my ideas!”

Okay coach, whatever you say!

Come game time, the coach says to the quarterback:

“Instead of handing the ball off to one of our guys, we should hand it off to someone from the other team!”

Sure thing coach!

That is what is happening with the Trump campaign!

Trump is changing sides, changing lanes, changing positions and his followers seem to not even notice. A good argument can be made that the Trump who won those early states is not the same Trump who is running now. In fact, it is fair to say that the Trump who is running today is not the same Trump who was running last week!

A fair argument can also be made that the switch in belief is reason enough for a switch in candidate! Remember, he has publicly stated that he has never read the rule book! Is this the leadership you want?

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