Trump Supporters: The Lesser Of Two Evils Is Still Evil!

The lesser is still evil!

Trump supporters are starting to realize the truth

I have watched over the past few weeks as many Trump supporters have come slowly to realize that their candidate is a fraud, without admitting it of course!

It is easy to see. In comment after comment, the majority of them no longer say “Mr. Trump is going to save America!” or “Donald Trump will be the best president in history!”

They now say things like “Well, Trump is better than Hillary so you need to quit fighting it and get behind him!” or, “Anything is better than what we have now, so we will have to take that risk.” Some are even saying “Trump can’t be any worse than the last 5 presidents!” We all know that that is not true. Complete and undying confidence in the demagogue is dying!

The exceptions

With the exception of the most gullible and the least intelligent among them, the old “Trump for king” mentality has burned away like fog in the mid morning sun! If confronted, few of them will admit this change, but the change is there as clear as sunlight. The realization has come and the comments are tempered with a bit of “Oh God, what have we done!”

The reason behind the shift

The shift has occurred as a result of a constant barrage of Trump statements so bizarre, so different than the Trump of the beginning of the campaign. The Trump of today barely resembles the Trump of New Hampshire! Then came the word that the Donald supported the new shared bathroom rules, and that the Trump positions on which Trump followers followed him were Not really policy, just like his Muslim ban was “…more like a suggestion.”

A message for Trump supporters:

Trumpites, we know you want to back out and that it seems to late to do so, and like your candidate you would rather watch the country go up in flames than admit it, but we know that you know!

I just want to say this very clearly so that none of you who read this can ever say that you were not warned beforehand:

You know that we have been telling the truth, you know as we know that your candidate is not a Republican, and he is not a conservative. He is a mixture of populism and socialism in the beliefs he expresses most often. That is not an easy conclusion to come to because he has so few beliefs that he holds for more than a few days at a time.

Understand where the fault lies

Please try to understand that when Hillary Clinton wins in November, it is not the fault of the people who tried so desperately to warn you of this outcome, and who fought to the end to prevent it!

The fault is yours!

The blame lies firmly on you and no one else, for it is you who propped up the madman, the man who would be king, the man you were warned about in almost every document of the founding fathers. It is firmly on your shoulders!

You can escape

You can still back out, you can still change course, you can still choose someone other than the lesser of two evils! If you choose to continue your course then please do not blame those of us who are standing on principle for your failure to fulfill your obligation as an American and a human being when the darkness comes!

Don’t try to tell us that because we vote on principle and not on pragmatism that we are somehow wrong or responsible for the inevitable fall, because we are not! The blame for this fall of our nation rests solely on the shoulders of Donald Trump and his followers.

Telling us that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils means we would have to vote for someone evil!

The country is headed straight to the abyss without a Constitutional conservative at the helm. There is no Constitutional candidate in the two main parties, therefore, we must either overthrow the convention, or vote Libertarian where constitutionalism abounds! In short it is a constitutional candidate or the abyss!