Great Republican Second Amendment Supporter To Be On $20 Dollar Bill!

Harriet Tubman Courtesy of Wikipedia Most Democrats are very happy to see Harriet Tubman will be placed on the $20 bill. It is highly appropriate.

Republicans should get behind the new bill as well!

In fact Republicans today should be very happy that the face of one of our Republican parties freedom loving, firearms owning base would be added to the money!

Tubman is the perfect example of why the 2nd Amendment should be so carefully guarded. Tyranny did not disappear from the earth when slavery ended, it just readjusted itself. Tubman’s own ownership and use of firearms is the precise purpose for which the founders designed the 2nd Amendment!

For those of you who might have slept through that part of your history, Ms. Tubman was the driving force behind the abolitionist underground railroad. She served in many roles in the time of this countries greatest turmoil, distinguishing herself in all.

Tubman’s story is the story of a true hero and a great freedom fighter! May her tribe increase!
Pistol belonging to Harriet Tubman