Clip Or Magazine? Get It Right!

It drives me crazy! It should drive you crazy! Perhaps no one was available to explain, but that is no longer an excuse! There is a difference between a clip and a magazine. It is pretty simple really. A magazine is a place to enclose and hold ammunition!

In a very broad sense it can be used as a place to cache ammunition, but in our context, it is the place that holds ammunition in a firearm.

A clip, once commonly known as a stripper clip, is a device for feeding ammunition into a magazine. In some firearms the magazine is internal, as in most bolt action Mauser type rifles or in the Russian Type 45. The type 45 (often called the SKS or Simonov) is a good example of both. The spring type stripper clip feeds into an internal, or on board magazine, and is most often removed for firing. There are some exceptions, the en block spring steel clips that feed the internal magazines on the M-1 Garand and the Italian Carcano and some other Mannlicher  type firearms are expelled at the end of the firing process.

The Kalashnikov, otherwise known as the AK-47 Has an external magazine which feeds the rifle.


A stripper clip for a Type 45 Russian Simonov rifle:

stripper clip


A magazine for a Kalashnikov or AK-47 rifle:

Kalishnikov Magazine

I don’t have any say over how you use this, or what you call these two tools, but I can say that you will sound much more intelligent, and much less like one of those gun grabbing liberals if you use the proper terminology!