Trump Passing out Matches And Watching The World Burn!

modern nero
If Trump wins the nomination, he will not be elected in November!

He will be destroyed, the party will be destroyed, and any hope for a conservative of any stripe will be destroyed for at least a dozen years!

If he is denied the nomination, with or without the 1273 and starts a barn burning, we will lose the election and the party will be dead and a conservative of any stripe will not be elected, until the next cycle when a new paradigm will emerge based on the real will of the real people of the United States. One founded along fiscal Tea Party lines, and open social lines. We will see the flowering of a Reaganesque Libertarian party without the lunacy of the liberal left or the forced morality of the self righteous right!

In such a case, we must choose the latter!

We can not support a supposed Conservative who turns out to be the destroyer, a modern Nero fiddling away as the world burns!

If however, Trump decides not to watch the world burnĀ (he knows it will), then we have the opportunity to run a Tea Party Conservative with some serious Libertarian like policies and regain some of the ground we lost after the Reagan revolution dissipated.

My bet is on Trump passing out matches and watching the world burn!