Cruz Challenges Trump: Why Is Trump So Afraid?

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Trump fears CruzDonald Trump fears Ted Cruz! Trump followers do not want to admit it, but it is true! Why does Trump fear Cruz? Well, the reigning sentiment among most serious thinkers is that Trump can not compete with Cruz on substantive issues and he knows this!

Trump has really laid out no real plans. Has no real principles and is, without his WWF rhetoric, without any serious substance at all! He is, in short, a man with no policy and no substance!

He should fear Cruz! Cruz is a serious debater who has spent a lot of time before the Supreme Court defending Constitutional principles, and always winning!

Republic Free Press would like for you to join us in our call to make this debate happen! If Donald Trump desires to become president, he should at least have to spend some time arguing with his primary Republican candidate without all the other hoopla! The time is right! Give the American people the information they need to be able to make up their minds!

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