Trading Liberty For Security? What The FBI Really Wants!

Apple I-Phone

In every crisis there is the cry for constitutional decay. In every violence there is the potential for loss of liberty! People become frightened, they become anxious, and sadly, many times, many people, become willing to trade a little of their freedom for some small crust of what they think will be safety. In the end, it is always the opposite! It is turning over the security of the lambs to the wolves, the protection of the hen house to the fox!

We Have been giving away our liberties a little at a time, by increments, like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, and we need to stop, hop out of the pot and turn around to see who is raising the temperature!

Liberty is much like that little nick in your jeans, the next thing you know, they are unravelling, having less and less structural integrity till they are finally not worth trying to save. If you lose one, the rest begin to come apart! You lose the first, the second falls, lose the second, the first falls, lose the fourth, and there is nothing that is out of the reach of the wolves and foxes!

People, this is the truth about the battle that is going on regarding the Terrorist’s I-Phone! This is not a case of just getting someones password, I don’t care what some petty political hack tells you, if Apple gives in to the FBI you will never have another secure phone conversation in your life! The FBI bungled this thing, and now they want an encryption key to unlock all I-Phones. It has nothing to do security, it has everything to do with liberty!

The Apple-FBI Fight Isn’t About Privacy vs. Security. Don’t Be Misled

The Truth From Our Friends At Wired!

“THROUGHOUT THE ONGOING fight between Apple and the FBI over custom access to an iPhone used by one of the two terrorists who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, the government has framed the argument as a simple trade-off: You must surrender a little privacy if you want more security. The scales don’t balance quite so neatly, though; there’s nothing secure about giving the FBI their way…” The Apple-FBI Fight Isn’t About Privacy vs. Security. Don’t Be Misled